Management Executive

Make possible the maximum business potential through the provision of executive management services in health and social-sanitary care services, based on values and focused on the person.


Competent executive and results oriented, with extensive experience in management consulting within the health care industry and social services. Superior analytical and critical thinking skills and emphasis on the delivery of value beyond numbers, providing an independent, leadership perspective, solving problems, leading crucial initiatives and transformational changes simultaneously within diverse organizational cultures.

Dynamic leader, with strong interpersonal skills and mediation / negotiation capable of providing energy, enthusiasm and humor to motivate team members to reach the potential and meet the objectives. Effective and assertive communicator with the superior command of English. Additional skills in clinical research, training, clinical practice and supervision.


  • Strategic Planning and Evaluation.
  • Leadership and Team Building.
  • Chief of Operations.
  • Integral and values-based care focused on the person.
  • Planning, Programming and Project Management.
  • Optimization of Income and Earnings.
  • Administration and Budgets.
  • Warranty & Quality Control.
  • Compliance with Policies and Protocols.
  • Staff Development and Training

Aditional experiencie - Executive Management

  • Associate Professor  and Research Co-Director ▪  La Laguna University, Tenerife, and Las Palmas University, Spain.
  • Organisational Consultant  ▪ Self-Employed, Brent Social Services, London, United Kingdom.
  • Conflict Mediation Expert  ▪ CNWL National Health Service & Brent Social Services,  London, United Kingdom.
  • Systemic Psychotherapist, Mental Health Consultant  ▪ CNWL NHS & BSS,  London, United Kingdom.
  • Consultant Psychologist and Clinical Supervisor ▪ Self-employed. Spain and United Kingdom.
  • English-Spanish Translator and Interpreter ▪ Self-employed, Spain and United Kingdom.
  • Secondary, Adults and Special Needs Teacher ▪  London, United Kingdom.
  • Family Center Coordinator ▪ Torquay, United Kingdom.
  • Psychologist ▪ Proyect with Diabetics in La Candelaria Hospital. Tenerife, Spain.