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At Alíate we help your company in the present moment, taking into account where it comes from and where it wants to go. For us it is important to know your organization thoroughly, in order to diagnose the possible problem and propose solutions and precise actions tailored and adapted to the available resources.


Whether it is a matter of Human Resources, innovation, advice on grants and public competitions, research or internationalization, we can work together the available means to reach the results you want.


For this it is important for us to know where you see the problem or situation that concerns you to contribute, minimizing economic, temporary and human efforts, a specific plan of intervention with its possible lines of action in the different levels involved. Thus, from this business consultancy, there are innumerable aspects to work on, always starting from the first objective that you want for your organization; only some examples are the following:

  • Focusing on a detected problem: in a clear, precise and concise way, the possible solution (s) are established and carried out according to the best cost / effectiveness ratio.
  • Identification of the problem situation: sometimes it is not known where exactly the problem is or it affects many levels of the organization. We find the main center of the situation, exposing a rigorous analysis of the situation and possible courses of action.
  • Transitions in changes and business growth: the important thing is to know what to strengthen in the existing strengths and opportunities of the organization, as well as to know and decide on the weaknesses and threats, drawing a map of coordinated decisions that enhance the most outstanding result for the organization in general and each of its parts.
  • Advice on grants and public tenders: writing of technical and financial documents, search of information, processing of applications and documents, etc. Granted in four of five presented.
  • Certifications of quality, equality and others: we advise on the election of the necessary certifications more adapted to your reality and the future needs of the organization.
  • Research: we participate and collaborate with different public and private organizations and foundations on research.

Look no further, get in touch with us. Our task is to study the agents, systems, factors and internal and external processes, develop a plan that minimizes the economic and temporary efforts, and propose feasible solutions tailored to the specific needs of what they need.