Do you feel disconnected with your partner?

Are you tired of arguing or not understanding each other?

Do you feel far away and want to reconnect?


Our partner is the closest person in our lives, the one with whom we share day to day, with its ups, downs and changes of direction.


When things do not go well, this affects the rest of facets in our life and the distance with our special person seems to be growing, leaving us with a feeling of disconnection, loneliness, helplessness and frustration.

Intimate relationships are one of the most important things in our lives. And it is human that when we share our day to day with that special someone, different ways of seeing or doing things arise, diverse ways of facing problems or of reacting to conflicts. There are individual differences because we are unique and unrepeatable beings, although we often forget that the other does not see the world as we see it. This creates misunderstandings that can make us grow apart.

And without realizing we are moving away from the other person, we do not feel understood or accepted. And when we feel isolated or separated from the person with whom we share our life, day after day life becomes more difficult.


Life itself weighs more because we are human beings, our emotions need care and attention because they are the basis of how we organize our experience, both with ourselves and with others.


If you want it is possible to reconnect.


Our conversations will help to talk about what is happening or happened, listen to each other and find together a way back to the relationship you want.


In this way, Emotional Focused Couple Therapy (TFE) sees emotion as a powerful therapeutic agent that allows and guides couples through the opportunity to transform their conflict or estrangement into a source of security, love and closeness, where both can once again be for each other.

The EFT is the most researched therapy at international level with the best short and long term results. It is a structured process, totally confidential and free of judgment that allows to reconstruct the deep emotional ties.