« We can see together what concerns you,

pay attention and find solutions tailored to your needs.

Ally with ourself»

Dra. Alia Pérez

It's about taking a small step to feel better, giving yourself a time and space to discover alternatives to what worries you.


Each person is a unique world; we are full of thoughts and feelings and ways of doing things and reacting to events ... When something is not going well, changes, breaks or stops in our lives, or our relationships, we feel bad and this affects everything else.


To be happy is possible.There are many ways to feel good again. And you choose the right for you. I accompany you giving you different tools and ways of looking at what happens in your life, to get out of where you do not want to be, as soon as possible.


From the smallest to the "oldest", we all live through difficult moments, which hurt us, annoy us or we simply cannot understand it. Day by day, the most important thing is who we are and our relationships with the people in our lives that we love the most. Through our meetings you will find your own answers to live with less weight, and get closer -with each step- to the life you want.


I offer you a space to talk about what matters to you. Contact us and we will speak some minutes to see the best way to support you.


It can be in consultation, at home, on-line or even in the open air. I adapt to what you want and need at your present moment.

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